Client Communication

We’ve stepped up our client/staff communication a notch or two! Tamar Media has been growing exponentially!  Growth always comes with challenges to overcome — such as client/staff communication. Over the …


Website Owner Resources

Top 10 Resources for Website Owners: 22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners Google Webmasters Tools YouTube Dreamstime Stock Photos Small Business Trends MailChimp Website Grader Adweek Online Brandweek


Responsive Web Design

Since the first iPad was introduced in 2010, the number of internet connected devices available to the general public has exploded. In a Computerworld Magazine article dated Sept 11, 2013 …


What's in a Password: A Guide for Laymen

Secure Passwords Last week I spoke to a diverse group of college students about secure passwords. Although most students today are fairly tech savvy, some seemed amazed to learn that …

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