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Network Security

How to Configure WordPress to Use an SSL Certificate

Author: Brian Hochstein Article republished by permission. In today’s world EVERY site needs to be served over https. Don’t take just my word for it – take the word of one of the biggest internet companies around: Google. Take a look at their developer’s article titled: Why HTTPS Matters. Below are […]

Why Creating Your Own Website Isn’t Such a Good Idea

Why Creating Your Own Website Isn’t Such a Good Idea I know what you’re thinking right now. “Web developers just want to make money off of something I can do myself“.  After all, the commercials tell us that you need a website and why not do it yourself — for […]

Why Do I Need A Website?

Does your business sell a product or service? Do you want your business to be profitable? Then you can’t afford not to have a website today! Over three million people in the United States use the internet and there are over 3.6 billion users worldwide according to www.internetworldstats.com! According to […]

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Website Owner Resources

Top 10 Resources for Website Owners: 22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners Google Webmasters Tools YouTube Dreamstime Stock Photos Small Business Trends MailChimp Website Grader Adweek Online Brandweek

Responsive Web Design

Since the first iPad was introduced in 2010, the number of internet connected devices available to the general public has exploded. In a Computerworld Magazine article dated Sept 11, 2013 Mark Hamblen states that, ‘Tablet shipments will surpass desktops and laptops in Q4 2013’. The rate of purchased Internet connected […]

What’s in a Password: A Guide for Laymen

Secure Passwords Last week I spoke to a diverse group of college students about secure passwords. Although most students today are fairly tech savvy, some seemed amazed to learn that their passwords could be hacked within seconds. Quite a few hands went up when I asked the students if they […]

content management

Content Management Systems (CMS)

So, you’ve hired a web developer to create a web site for you. It looks great. Now what? Did you stop to think about who was going to maintain your web site for you? Did you or your designer stop to consider the importance of maintaining a web site where […]

Twin Falls web design

Website Design

Professional Website Design Looking to find someone in Twin Falls website design? Over 20 years of experience nationally and serving the southeastern region of Idaho since 2009.  We have been creating high functioning and visually appealing web sites since 1998! We provide quality and value to our clients through creating websites that […]

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to get your business on the internet, yet it doesn’t seem to be generating the sales that you anticipated.  Tamar Media draws from a pool of over 15 years of experience in search engine optimization.  Here’s what we can do for your business: […]

Video Production

Get Your Audience Engaged With Video

Video Production Tamar Media develops engaging, high resolution videos: Corporate training videos Television commercials Videos for use on websites Memory keepsakes Product or Services Demos Weddings Documentaries and movie entertainment