Domain Name Renewal Scam

Five Ways to Spot Them

Domain name renewal scams are frustrating! From time to time I receive a phone call or email from a client who asks, “why is my domain name needing to be renewed? I thought it wasn’t due for 6 months.”

Invariably, the client has received an email notifying him that his domain name will expire if not renewed within days. It will provide the name of the domain, the date of expiration and a link where you can provide “secure payment”. These emails are almost always a domain name renewal scam. Here are five ways that you can avoid being scammed:

  1. Check the email address from the sender. If the sender of the email has some strange domain that you don’t recognize and it’s not from your domain registration company, it’s almost always a domain name renewal scam.
  2. If the email doesn’t use the same color scheme and branding of your registrant, you should be highly suspicious. Although some scammers may be able to determine your registering agency and mimic the branding and logo, these notices are often automatically generated as a result of some bot discovering information about your domain in hopes to fool you into your giving them money.
  3. Use your cursor to hover over the Secure Online Payment link. It will pop up a window showing you the URL of where the link is going to send you. In this case (see picture below), the URL is Also, notice also that the URL does not show an HTTPS protocol which indicates an unsecured site. If this domain attached to this URL doesn’t match your registrant, don’t click the link.
  4. If the amount of the renewal for one domain for one year is more than around $25-$40, (in this case, it’s $86.00 for one domain for one year), RUN!
  5. Finally, if you are a client with Tamar Media, LLC, you’re part of our VIP family and all it takes is to send us an email at and ask. We can quickly assess the situation and give you an answer.
domain name renewal scam

Next time you receive one of these domain name renewal scams, you’ll know exactly what to do with the email: don’t reply, send the email to your spam folder and don’t click.

Check out this handy guide from the U.S. government on Recognizing and Avoiding email scams.

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