Just getting started with your business and don’t have a logo?  Never fear!  Tamar Media can produce a logo for you frequently within 72 hours!  Get a set of “proof” of 10 proposed logos, select the one you like and we can send you your chosen logo digitally!  It’s easy — it’s affordable — it’s professionally designed — and it’s FAST!  What’s not to like?

How does it work?

  1. Add the Logo Package to your cart, go through the checkout and add your project details for your logo, then complete the payment.
  2. Relax and wait 24 hours (don’t forget that we don’t work weekends, so it’s 24 business hours — but it’s still fast).  We’ll then send you 10 design concepts to choose from.
  3. Give us your feedback by email as to which design you want.
  4. We will send you your high definition logo digital file.
  5. Enjoy your logo in all of your business communications.