Our Founder, J.L. Gill, worked as a computer programmer at organizations such as NASA, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Broadway & Seymour contracting to I.B.M.

In 1998, Gill had become fascinated with what was considered new then — the internet.  Learning to build websites became an obsession and in 1998 in Indiana, Gill began a website design business.

In 2007, Gill moved across the country to Boise, Idaho and although several clients’ websites were still being maintained, it wasn’t until 2013 that Tamar Media, LLC was formed and actively began accepting new clients.

At Tamar Media, LLC, we specialize in creating professional, well-functioning websites primarily for small businesses.  We are able to produce uncomplicated, informational websites in a matter of days with all the content provided to us.  These websites are all developed so that their owners can make changes and add content to them easily and increase their visibility and offerings without hiring an individual to maintain it for them.  However, if you feel uncomfortable with making changes, we offer maintenance services to help you keep your website up to date.

Our websites are responsive websites — meaning that viewing it on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone is still attractive and maximally functional to visitors.  Our SEO services help your new website to increase it’s rankings with Google and Bing so that most customers can find your products and services.

We offer affordable services that have an excellent return for your investment and we communicate the process all throughout your project so that you understand exactly what you’re getting.  And — at the end of the project, you have access to everything for your project.  We’ve heard of developers who use their own server space and won’t give access to that server to the client.  We make sure that you control it.