Why Creating Your Own Website Isn't Such a Good Idea

Why Creating Your Own Website Isn’t Such a Good Idea

I know what you’re thinking right now. “Web developers just want to make money off of something I can do myself“.  After all, the commercials tell us that you need a website and why not do it yourself — for free?  I’ve hesitated writing this article for some time because in certain cases, building a website yourself might actually be the right thing to do.  The problem is, I haven’t run into a website owner who was glad they did this.  In fact, I’ve experienced just the opposite!

Within the last six months, I’ve heard numerous horror stories from clients who have tried this avenue.  I hear the words “clunky” software and phrases such as “I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to figure out how to do this”.  You’ve heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for“.

Six Reasons Not to Do it Yourself:

  1. Clunky and Confusing – I’ve heard from clients — and experienced it myself, that those free build-it-yourself websites are clunky and confusing.
  2. Difficult to edit – Even on platforms where the website owner is able to edit and add content, it turns out that it is difficult for them to edit. Regardless of the platform, one eventually ends up needing to learn a little bit of coding to make things look and function as intended.
  3. Who is going to answer your questions? – I was just helping a client today who had a Wix website and needed to speak with a technical support specialist.  I went to their website and started searching for a contact phone number, found one and made the call.  What did I get on the other end of the line?  A series of prompts to route my question to the “correct department” and then a message stating that they had texted my phone with a link to what they thought was related support information to my question.  Then the phone went dead.  No human contact, just a canned message and then the call ended.  The texted link had nothing to do with my question and required talking to a human.  Well — guess I’m not going to get that question answered. Or how about those tech support lines when you are talking to a human but you’re unable to effectively communicate because you can’t understand their English?
  4. Steep learning curve – A client told me this past week about an acquaintance who was trying to teach herself how to program her own website.  Her comment was that it was taking hours to learn how to do it.  When you’re a small business owner, you do wear a lot of hats, but do you have the time to devote to becoming a programmer?  Our expertise is web development, but I don’t have the time to teach myself to become an accountant — that’s why I hire an expert in that area.
  5. Credibility – The end product isn’t as professional as you would like.  Why gamble with the credibility of your business when your website doesn’t quite maintain a believable quality?
  6. Low number of visitors – So you have a website up, but no one is visiting.  It was hard enough to figure out how to get your website going, but now you can’t figure out why it isn’t boosting your business and you can’t find it on the search engines. Part of building a website is not just programming but providing the necessary content to make search engines happy and rank your website favorably.  This often can take months or even years to do depending on your competition.

Tamar Media has been developing websites since 1998

Our emphasis is YOU!  We love working with small businesses because we feel they deserve a high quality website at a price that small businesses can afford.  We keep in mind that with your business you wear a lot of hats, so we offer an excellent service that allows you to get to your area of expertise while we get your business more exposure through your website.

If you’ve gone down the “free” road and are frustrated with the results, find out how Tamar Media can take the frustration out of creating a website. Click the button below to find out how we can help you!

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