Why Do I Need A Website?


Who Needs a Website, Anyway?

Does your business sell a product or service? Do you want your business to be profitable? Then you can’t afford not to have a website today!

Over three million people in the United States use the internet and there are over 3.6 billion users worldwide according to www.internetworldstats.com! According to Pew Research, “7% of Americans Rely Heavily on a Smartphone for Online Access.” Over 75% of consumers use the internet to research products and services before purchasing. This is a huge market of potential customers that can’t be ignored!

Ten Reasons You Need a Website:

1. Credibility Through a Professional Website!

Because more consumers are using the internet for the services or products they need, your business needs to increase credibility through a professionally designed website. Many consumers base their purchasing decisions on the information provided on a website. Did you “save money” by having that niece or nephew create your website only to find that you are not gaining any new leads or sales? Without professional credibility, potential business will gravitate to businesses that seem more credible. Redesigning your website will create a professional image that creates confidence in your business. This is often very beneficial to businesses without a physical storefront or a business based from home.

2. Efficient, Cost-Effective Advertising!

Small businesses particularly benefit from a website because once your website is created, it continues to advertise for you for as little as $20-100 per month.  When compared to running a local advertisement in a newspaper or radio spot, reaching a limited readership, your website is now advertising to the billions of internet users in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year!  Pew Research reports that 51% of people get their information about local businesses using the internet.

3. Accessible From Almost Anywhere!

Many potential customers are making purchasing decisions on the road using their phones!  Tamar Media designs websites that are easily accessible and readable using smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.  Your website is accessible to potential customers from almost anywhere, anytime. How many times have you asked “Siri” where you could find the nearest restaurant, service center or local business? Pew Research reports that 64% of Americans own a smartphone. One in 17 people in the United States owns a tablet according to Business Insider.

4. Keep Your Customers Informed!

Want to let your customers know that you have new products or services? Maybe you have a special upcoming event or special promotions. You can go through the time and expense of printing up flyers, postcards, circulars, etc — or you can easily let your customers stay on top of your big news by announcing it on your website and/or sending out newsletters to subscribers. No added expense except for the short amount of time to type up the information!

5. Expand Your Market Base!

Are you a local business looking to expand both locally and outside your area? Do you have a physical business that sells services or products? Remember Reason #2? Over 50% of people in the U.S. get their information about purchases or services using the internet. Your website informs people of your products and services 24 hours a day even when the doors of your business are not open. Let your website do your work for you while you sleep! The internet not only allows the possibility of selling products, but you can sell your services as well.

6. Spotlight Your Services and Products!

Whether your business sells product or services you can showcase your work on the internet using a gallery or portfolio. Testimonials help build credibility and give the viewer a unique perspective on your business and why they should choose to use your business.

7. A Website Saves You Time!

Ever have those moments where you’ve answered the same question so many times that you wish you could hand a customer a brochure answering their questions? Let your website answer those questions for you at the convenience of your customer and use the time you would have used on other tasks. Once a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is set up it is always available to the customer and questions can always be added to the list.

8. It Improves Customer Service!

Do you sell products that require instructions?  Maybe you have a staffing business and need to provide safety manuals or training videos. Provide your customers with instruction manuals, product or service resources and tutorial/training videos. Want to provide faster customer service by answering questions online?  Offer an online chat service where customers can contact your business immediately for questions. Provide your customers with valuable service by sharing information on your website.

9. Your Competition Already Has a Website!

By now the world has realized that the internet is not a fad and is not going away — just the opposite is true! We get our news, shop, research medical conditions, and even watch streamed movies on the internet.  A majority of shoppers user the internet to research products and services before purchasing. Most consumers assume your business has a website and will try to find your company on the internet. Your competition more than likely already has a website. Do you want your customers to purchase from your competitors?  Start offering your services and products to potential customers and give your competitors some stiff competition.

10. Generate Leads!

Let your website become an automatic lead generating machine by giving your customers the option of contacting you via phone, email, or online chat. Get more business by offering more information and advertising special offers through online coupons, advertised specials in email campaigns and tapping into an enormous network through social media and your website.

Ready to Get Your Website Started?

Let Tamar Media take care of all the details of getting your business on the internet. You have enough on your plate!

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